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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Is it worth it? Tabata

‘The best bit is the 20-second rest you get after running yourself ragged’

 Good article for beginners!

What is it? A form of high-intensity interval training, developed by Professor Izumi Tabata in 1996. You exercise as hard as you can for 40 seconds, rest for 20, then repeat.
How much does it cost? You can find free tabata programmes (and apps) online, and many gyms run Tabata-based group classes.
What does it promise? The short bursts of intense activity can increase your basal metabolic rate by up to 15 times. This makes you burn fat for the rest of the day, even if you’re not doing anything. This increases both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity (ie it works your heart and lungs as well as your muscles). Best of all, it’s over quickly.
What’s it actually like? The Tabata class I took – called Afterburn Absolute, at a gym in south-east London – was easily the most exhausting thing I’ve tried. Doing 40 seconds of tuck-jumps doesn’t immediately seem that hard, but you barely catch your breath before you’re flat on your back pedalling your legs as fast as you can. After the first five-minute cycle, my instructor walked over, slapped me on the back and yelled, “This is supposed to hurt.” I would have punched him, but I was too busy trying not to vomit. It’s ridiculous, but you feel that you’ve accomplished something after every single workout.
Best and worst bit The best bit is the 20-second rest you get after running yourself ragged. And guess what? The worst bit is the 40 seconds after that.
Is it worth it? It’s tiring, but it’s cheap and it’s short. My perfect workout. Worth it.

Operation Little Black Dress: Siobhan Byrne's Guide to Kettlebells

Tabata + Kettlebells is a very efficient mix.


Let's start with Sumo Squat with a kettlebell. A great exercise for working the legs and glutes adding that kettlebell in will give us more resistance and make us work harder. Next up is the kettlebell swing this is a great exercise for hips, glutes, lats, pecs shoulders and abs to name but a few once you get the form of the exercise perfect.
It is important to keep the back straight throughout. Next up it's the Dive Bomb push-up really working the core shoulders and chest and pushing you to your limit. Finally we are on to another kettlebell close press.
Keeping your elbows tight will help engage the tricep as well as the chest.
Perform each exercise for 20 seconds then the rest for 10 seconds before you move on to the next exercise and repeat. This completes one round. Aim for 8 sets, with a minimum of 5.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The 20-Minute Tabata Workout You Need To Try

This article suggests four sets of Tabata, with 5mn rest in-between, which makes a total of (4+5)x5=45mn. Maybe rest period can be lowered to 2-3mn depending on your fitness level.

Want to see what Tabata is all about? Try the routine below. Perform 20 seconds on each move, then 10 seconds off, repeated for four consecutive minutes. Once you complete the first exercise, immediately move onto the next. When you finish the full cycle, rest for five minutes, and repeat as desired.
Pro tip: It's not easy to sustain 100 percent max effort, so work at the highest effort output level you're able to in order to sustain the interval pace of four minutes per cycle.

1. Medicine Ball Slam Targets: Full body, cardio
2. Half Jacks Targets: Full body, cardio
3. Burpee Targets: Full body, cardio
4. Battling Rope Alternating Underhand Wave Targets: Arms, cardio
5. Mountain Climbers Targets: Full body, cardio

Monday, 25 August 2014

Burn calories with the 4-minute

Short artice, easy to understand, with good advices about warming-up and cooling down.
Tabata workout! The Tabata workout, a super high-intensity internal training (HIIT) routine takes only a few minutes but promises to burn as many calories as you would in an hour of running or cycling!
One of the most popular HIIT forms today, Tabata intervals are only 20 seconds long, with 10 seconds of rest in between - repeated eight times. This can be done with almost any form of cardio exercise -running, swimming, cycling, plyometrics, jumping rope -and can be done anywhere. Discovered by Japanese professor Izumi Tabata in the 70s, this `fat-burning miracle' workout is great for those who are pressed for time. In fact, if done correctly, just four minutes of Tabata could produce better fitness results than an entire hour of running on the treadmill!

Full article:

Get fit with a 4 minute workout

I find this article a bit misleading.

For instance:
"In the original study by Dr. Tabata, one group did 30-minute workouts four days a week, while the other group only did the four-minute Tabata workout four days a week," --> We know it was 1 hour for 5 days at 70% of VO2 max for the cardio group, VS 4 Tabata sessions plus 1h cardio for the Tabata group.

"Tabata training also works with low impact exercises such as biking, squats, or push ups." --> not really for push-ups... you can incorporate such exercises from time to time but you will never get the same intensity (170% Vo2 max).

"Experts suggest easing into the workout because it can be taxing on the body. Try doing 30 seconds of intense exercise then taking a 30 second break for a few rounds before working your way up to the full four minute workout." --> 30 seconds will be harder than 20s if you target the same intensity as Tabata. A progressive training must include HIIT with a ratio 1:3 for instance (3 times the duration for rest, for instance 20/60, 30/90, 1mn/3mn and then reduce to 1:2, then 1:1 like the classical 30s/30s in running, and finally move your way to 2:1 like Tabata).

Tabata: Get Fit in Four Minutes without Weights

Good article, straight to the point, to understand Tabata Training.

"Bottom Line: We think Tabata worked for us. After doing it several times a week over a few weeks, it got easier and easier, pounds were shed, and resting heart rates dropped. We felt, dare we say, fit. Plus, there’s the whole you-don’t-have-to-waste-hours-sweating thing. So we’ll take short and effective, over long and questionable any day.
Just make sure to consult your doctor first. We don’t want to be responsible for one of your coronary artery rupturing while you try to Tabata away years of punishing your body with triple bacon cheese burgers."

Friday, 15 August 2014

10 Workout Shortcuts to Maximize Your Calorie Burn

The pick of the week is this article, which summarizes 10 different types of training, intended to maximise your results and calories outburst.


1. Pyramid Training
2. The Tabata protocol
Dr. Izumi Tabata’s high-intensity interval-type training (HIIT) protocol calls for just 20 seconds of all-out drop-dead effort, followed by a mere 10 seconds of rest. This intense cycle is repeated eight times. This protocol reduces your risk of diabetes, increases your maximal aerobic power and anaerobic capacity, and:
“Another soon-to-be-published finding, which Tabata describes as ‘rather significant,’ shows that the Tabata protocol burns an extra 150 calories in the 12 hours after exercise, even at rest, due to the effect of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. So while it is used by most people to get fit – or by fit people to get even fitter – it also burns fat.
3. Interval Cardio
4. Mix Cardio and Weights
5. Drop Sets
6. Plyometrics
7. Super Sets
8. Compounds Sets
9. Giant Sets
10. Combine Two Moves Into One

News on Tabata!

The key word "Tabata Training" is still very active this week!

Albert Lea Tribune
Tabata workout is offered at the Albert Lea Family Y
Working in-tune to fast-paced music, instructor Jessica Williams led ten women through a Tabata workout July 28 at the Albert Lea Family Y.

Irish Independent
Let 100 fit days plan whip you into shape for 2014
These form the basis of your exercise programme for your first seven FIT days. You will perform these exercises in the Tabata style of training.

Short Bursts of Exercise Are Better Than Exercising Nonstop
“The return on investment of interval training is fabulous, and it keeps ... more extreme, it can mean high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata.

Don't Let Your Fitness Routine Become 'Groundhog Day'
Pick six to 10 Tabata exercises for your total workout, performing eight sets of each exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest after each one.

Fitness Wisdom: 4 Minutes Of Cardio
Some of you may know him or his work already through fitness classes at your gym or a torturous workout. His name is Izumi Tabata, and he is the ...

Daily Life
The 30-second gym routine everyone should follow
This is when I lean on my old friend Tabata. No, not a Japanese energy drink, but rather a form of high-intensity interval training that gets you in and ...

10 Workout Shortcuts to Maximize Your Calorie Burn
By increasing the intensity of your workout and interspersing it with short ... Dr. Izumi Tabata's high-intensity interval-type training (HIIT) protocol calls ...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Muscle & Fitness:Fast Fat Burn: 30-Min Tabata Workout

Muscle & Fitness proposes a circuit training, based on Tabata intervals, but not intensity.
Indeed, some of the exercises proposed will never reach a 170% of VO2Max (especially the abs exercises).
However, this routine doesn't need equipment and work out the major muscles groups.
180 Jump Squats
Squat Jacks
Fast Feet 20
Quad Touch Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers
T Jacks
Single Leg Burpees
Fast butt kicks
Plank Ups


Friday, 25 July 2014

Tabata workouts aim for fitness in under five minutes

Lengthy article about Tabata, Channing Tatum, Crossfit or (aged) 50-plus.

Interesting tips for doing Tabata at home:

"Try Tabata at home
Local certified personal trainer Debbie Plath shares her tips for an at-home Tabata workout.
The gist: Do one move for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Do a different move for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Repeat until you’ve reached the four minute, 20 second mark.
Typical Tabata moves: jumping jacks, push ups, squats, burpees, renegade rows, high knee jumps, knee butt kicks, etc. One’s routine depends on if you’re focusing on lower or upper body strength, cardio or targeted areas like abs.
Music: Pick songs that are at least 132 to 135 beats per minute, like Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” which can also be a good motivator.
Time trackers: There are many Tabata apps and timers on the market, such as Seconds and Bit Timer.
Goal: Increase number of reps per 20 second session. For instance, if you can do 20 squats in 20 seconds, next time aim for 25 or 30. "

Read again this one: "For instance, if you can do 20 squats in 20 seconds, next time aim for 25 or 30. "
First, can you do 20 squats ( with proper technique) on 20 seconds? It's very challenging...
Second, going from 20 to 25 is a 25% increase, and 20 to 30 is a 50% increase! 
It will take some time, if even possible, to progress so much...