Friday, 22 June 2012

A Closer Look at Tabata Interval Training

Interesting article where the author discusses about why some people are doing wrongly the Tabata, especially the 170% of VO2Max. As explained in the eBook, I think this is the most difficult part to understand and to apply. For running, cycling or rowing, using speed or powermeter, you might find a very close measurement of this intensity. For weight body related or weight exercises, it is harder and a heart meter will not give you an accurate measure (surprinsingly during Tabata, probably due to short period of exercise, the heart BPM doesn't get to the top).

Have a look:

"Why have we been doing this interval all wrong? Many people will hear the latest concept that is out and use it but tweak it to their liking. From the initial submission of this study to our version of it today, something got lost in translation. Instead of using a bike why not use body weight exercises? Instead of body weight exercises why don’t we use plyometric exercises? Instead of using all of that, why don’t we use an elliptical? All of these are versions of the Tabata Interval that people have used or come up with in the past. But if you want to do the interval correct, the intensity you have to train at is at 170% of our VO2 max. How intense is 170%?"

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