Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wellness: Tabata Training

Is the Tabata training a good thing? Do you think that pushing your body to the max is a good idea?
In this article, the author explains:
“This training is very taxing on all levels, including cellular,” Writer says. “Your body was healing from the damage to the muscular, endocrine, and nervous systems and returning to its equilibrium state.” Can all this damage be a good thing? Writer says yes: “When you train at a high intensity, you are retraining your body to become a more efficient machine.” It takes a little adjusting at first, but eventually, that damage means I’ll burn more calories during exercise and afterward at rest.
According to Writer, the difference is load. The intensity of these shorter intervals is so much greater that they’re more effective than a normal workout. Hour-long cycling classes are my usual go-to exercise, but this 30-minute class was much more taxing. Maybe it’s time to switch up the routine for good.

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