Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Henry Cavill: "Immortal" Superman also used Tabata training!

It sounds like the Tabata training became a "must do" for Hollywood actors who needs to look muscular but lean for their roles. What do you think?

TeenHollywood: Can you talk about bulking up for this film?
Henry: It was a martial arts base training and tabata training (high repetition circuit training) which tends to be hard repetitions of body weight exercises with 25 repetitions of say press ups, followed by eight deep breaths, followed by 25 ab exercises, followed by something else and was one round. And then you have to do four rounds of that. Your recovery is eight breaths. It was [going for] a very lean as opposed to a bulky ripped, physique. Very low on carbs. A lot of meat and fish but no starchy carbs.

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