Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Real Tabata running (on track): 1065m

After 13'35mn of warming-up and some stretching, I tried a double Tabata on a track. It was a bit wet, and there were some people running, but it was manageable.
First attempt I covered 1065m, with a max heart rate 91% and average 87% (for the 4mn).
I took an active rest (walking) for 3 mn, with an average Heart rate of 68%.
Second attempt I covered 965m, with 92% maximum heart rate and 85% average.
Cooling down (back home) was around 18mn @ 77% heart rate average.
Based on the calculations page 11 (of the eBook), with my MAS around 16.5-17km/h, the target distance to reach 170% of MAS should be 1248m. The distance I mention in the table that I think is reachable is 998m, or 1028m for a MAS of 17 km/h.
Between first and second attempts, performance (distance covered) drops from 1065m to 965m which is approximately 10%.
Between each bout, I don't stop brutally, I decelerate, I walk to catch my air and I start again for the next bout. I don't think this short period of decelerating, walking has a big impact on the total distance... probably 10 to 20m maximum.
The heart rate is not very high compared for instance to a 5k time trial or interval training of 1000m. Is it good? I mean, it is better that the effort is very violent but the heart doesn't go too high and for too long? This is what coming next (EPOC) which matters to ameliorate the body performance (both aerobic & anaerobic?)

Bukit Gombak Stadium

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