Saturday, 19 January 2013

What's the difference between high-intensity interval training and Tabata training?

Good question isn'it?

I would say that Tabata protocol is just a specific form of HIIT, where the ratio work/rest is 2:1 when, for HIIT, the usual ratio is often 1:2.

In this article, the author explains:
"High intensity interval training and Tabata are two peas in a fitness pod. Both focus on short periods of high-intensity movements paired with periods of rest. The main difference between HIIT and Tabata is the rest period between work bouts, said Justin Bowers owner and senior trainer at Synergy Fitness, in Upper Allen Twp."

He gave some exercises to try:
"With HIIT, the rest periods are as long as if not longer than the exercise intervals. So, for example, you could do 20 seconds of jump squats with 20 or 30 seconds of rest between bouts. The bouts could include any kind of high-intensity exercises including push-ups, sprints or dead lifts."

Once again, push-up can be included in some HIIT but won't be intense for Tabata. I would be very cautious as well with the dead lift, since it is a compound movement using (usually) heavy loads and can be risky if the technique is not perfect.

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