Saturday, 25 April 2015

Making interval training work for you

In this article, the HIIT is proposed for two groups of athletes.
The Tabata training is not described properly ("Originally designed specifically for runners and consisting primarily of training specific sprinting intervals") but the latter part of the article is more interesting:

Naturally, the interval for group 1 will be shorter, ranging from 5-10 seconds, followed by a rest time of 3-4 minutes. In other words if your sport or activity falls in group one, your workout should be 10-16 bouts of 7 seconds of the highest intensity of activity that is as sport-specific as possible, resting 3-4 minutes between rounds. Things like performing a specific lift or squat, sprint, or box jumps are all appropriate.
A workout for group 2 should look more like 20-30 bouts of 15- to 30-second intervals with only 1 to 2 minutes of rest. Again sport-specific activities are ideal for athletes, but creating a circuit (four to five activities that you rotate through like burpees, box jumps, push ups, squats, etc.) is another good option and can provide some variety and interest to an otherwise repetitive workout."

Want to know what are group 1 and 2? Follow the link 

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