Thursday, 5 April 2012

3) What are the best exercises to practice TABATA?b. Treadmill with %

b.    Treadmill with %

Running on a treadmill could bring you the same benefits than sprinting. However, few tread mill can handle a speed corresponding at 170% of your Vo2max (remember this pre-requisite?).

The trick is to incline the treadmill at a significant % (around 6% to 12% depending of your level) and to choose an appropriate speed.  A good reference is to take your 10k speed and to use a 9% inclination, or your 21.1k average speed (half-marathon) for a 12% inclination.

I For safety purpose, practice with a partner, and/or wear the safety belt to attach to the treadmill. You will need to jump from the rolling stuff to put your two feet aside, for your 10s rest. Once again, practice first with 4 repetitions before trying the full Tabata training.

In summary, to perform the Tabata on tread mill:

-          Practice with a partner

-          Attach the safety belt to the machine

-          Wear appropriate shoes, not slippery

-          Choose a proper speed and %

-          Check the 20s / 10 s on the treadmill watch, or use your timer, MP3, partner

You can mix sprinting outdoor and treadmill. The protocol is slightly different, as you are running with a severe % on the treadmill. No need to say that running outside and choosing a hill is also a good choice!
Check this video on youtube:

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