Thursday, 5 April 2012

Conclusion, how to perform the TABATA Training

5)    Conclusion

To perform the Tabata training:

1.    Pick-up an exercise (sprint, cycling, hills, treadmills, thruster, front squat, burpees)

2.    Warm-up for 5mn  at low intensity, with some accelerations at the end

3.    Perform the Tabata : 8 bouts of 20s of efforts, with 10s rest intervals

4.    Use a watch, smart phone with apps, MP3, or a partner to respect the protocol

5.    Cool down for 5mn (total rest for 1mn or 2mn until you catch your breath and 2-3mn low intensity exercise).

That’s it!

Include 2 to 3 sessions per week, according to your regular training. For endurance sport, like triathlon, you can select running, cycling or swimming as it will also strengthen your usual routine. For martial arts and MMA, front squat or thruster are good choices, along punching ball or jumping rope. For fitness and lose control, any exercise practiced regularly will help you to burn calories.

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