Thursday, 5 April 2012

4) How to incorporate Tabata protocol in your training regimen? c. Fitness & lose weight

c.    Fitness & lose weight

If your goal is to lose weight (fat), to gain muscles, to be athletic, to have a better shape, to feel more energetic, Tabata training is a good option. The results are amazing and it’s a time saver. The most appropriate exercise, if you can access to a gym, will be treadmill, cycling, thruster, jumping box*, front squat. If you train at home, running outside or on hills, burpees, thruster with water bottle will be a good choice.

*use 2 or 3 steppers, and perform jump, then go back to the floor, and start again. Be careful about stability and having proper sport shoes to amortize the choc on the floor. Excellent exercise, combining strength cardio and plyometric, but stay careful about your knees.

If you can access to a CrossFit club, you will see that Tabata is a very popular regimen in their schedule. Lots of feed-back on tips on their website & forums: or more specifically

In term of lose fat, a lot of studies tend to demonstrate that HIIT training is more efficient than regular, low intensity endurance exercises:

-Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism.

-High-intensity intermittent exercise and fat loss.

Another very good training in HIIT, different from Tabata (10 x 4mn cycling at 90% VO2max):

A 8s/12s for 20mn description and also confirming again than HIIT is better than aerobic:

Losing fat means losing weight, therefore for running specifically, you can benefit from Tabata training to combine the improvement of VO2max and losing weight:

(source: , )

Be aware that genetics could be involved, whether you are respondent or not t this kind of HIIT training! Check this link from BBC :

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