Friday, 15 August 2014

News on Tabata!

The key word "Tabata Training" is still very active this week!

Albert Lea Tribune
Tabata workout is offered at the Albert Lea Family Y
Working in-tune to fast-paced music, instructor Jessica Williams led ten women through a Tabata workout July 28 at the Albert Lea Family Y.

Irish Independent
Let 100 fit days plan whip you into shape for 2014
These form the basis of your exercise programme for your first seven FIT days. You will perform these exercises in the Tabata style of training.

Short Bursts of Exercise Are Better Than Exercising Nonstop
“The return on investment of interval training is fabulous, and it keeps ... more extreme, it can mean high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata.

Don't Let Your Fitness Routine Become 'Groundhog Day'
Pick six to 10 Tabata exercises for your total workout, performing eight sets of each exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest after each one.

Fitness Wisdom: 4 Minutes Of Cardio
Some of you may know him or his work already through fitness classes at your gym or a torturous workout. His name is Izumi Tabata, and he is the ...

Daily Life
The 30-second gym routine everyone should follow
This is when I lean on my old friend Tabata. No, not a Japanese energy drink, but rather a form of high-intensity interval training that gets you in and ...

10 Workout Shortcuts to Maximize Your Calorie Burn
By increasing the intensity of your workout and interspersing it with short ... Dr. Izumi Tabata's high-intensity interval-type training (HIIT) protocol calls ...

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